Choosing the right cookware for your Camp Kitchen

The first time we took the prototype Thunderbolt Adventure Supply Camp Kitchen out for a serious camping trip, we quickly realized that our old nesting camping pots would be of no use. The features that made them great for our family bike-packing adventures -- lightweight, nonstick-coated aluminum -- meant they would not work with the induction cooktop. So, I packed up some pots from our kitchen cupboard.

The truth is a lot of cookware works just fine on an induction cooktop, and more and more is being produced to be induction friendly. Even in the lightweight obsessed camping space, there are now options that will go from your campfire to your Thunderbolt Camp Kitchen cooktop. We found a few to sell in our web store that we think are particularly nice. But, you can quickly determine if your pots and pans will work by holding a magnet to the bottom. In general, the more strongly the magnet sticks, the more quickly it will heat up.

Field Company makes heirloom quality cast iron you'll be tempted use both camping and in your kitchen. We created a bundle with them centered around their No. 6 skillet which at 8 ⅜ inches is a perfect fit for our Camp Kitchen's cooktop. In addition to the skillet, you get a leather handle cover, a care kit and a spatula perfect for making smash burgers. These pans are similar to vintage American cast iron - the kind your grandmother had (and you if you were lucky enough to inherit hers). 

We're also excited to offer This gorgeous set from Swedish company Primus. This stainless steel cookset nests like your old aluminum camping set, but looks and performs so much better. Lids have a leather tab so you don't have to fumble with a pot holder and lids double as strainers for draining pasta or steamed veggies. We chose a set that is big enough to cook for your family, but still tucks away neatly in our custom gear bags.

We've worked with other companies making products we love to help keep your adventures fun and safe. As we find more things we love, we'll add them to our store. Check it out!

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