R1 Refresh Excitement

R1 Refresh Excitement

Like many of you, we've been eagerly consuming rumors about the R1 refresh and looking forward to the official reveal. Today was the day and wow, is there a lot to absorb! There's so much to discuss that Kyle from Out of Spec made a TWO HOUR video about it. We have yet to have a chance to read and watch all of the information about the new trucks, let alone see and touch the refreshed vehicles. But, we're generally pleased with many of the reported updates.

From what I've gleaned by following the forums, Reddit posts, and WhatsApp conversations, folks are generally enthusiastic. There are those who are disappointed, from what I can tell mostly because they don't like where Rivian is going with autonomous driving. While having the driver assist on long trips is nice, I don't long for full self-drive. I'm more smitten with being able to take our truck out into the woods.

Of course, we're extra curious about changes that may affect products we've launched or are developing. One R1 change revealed today is a pretty dramatic redesign of the frunk. Folks who checked out our rig at Overland Expo know we've been working on some purpose-built frunk storage, and we're getting close to putting it out in the world. If anyone at the reveal events put a tape measure to the new frunk could you drop us a line? (just kidding... not kidding)

Most of us drive Rivians at least in part because of the environmental implications of our personal transportation choices. All of the work Rivian is putting into updating and refreshing their vehicles demonstrates that they are serious about their commitment to revolutionizing the electric vehicle market. And for that I am appreciative.

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