Cooking with Chef Jerry

Cooking with Chef Jerry

Jerry was the first customer to pick up his Camp Kitchen. He just couldn't wait to put it to use! We've had so much fun following his adventures. Like a lot of us Rivian owners, Jerry, his fiancé Heather, and their pup Archie use their R1T to explore the great outdoors. But Jerry is a chef, so their meals while they're camping are particularly delicious. But, they're anything but fussy or time consuming leaving lots of time for hiking and exploring. We thought you'd like to see what he's cooked up!

noodles cooking on the camp kitchennoodles ready to eatTake this meal of simple soy sauce noodles from Trader Joes. It's super fast and easy for after a hike, but Jerry gives it some kick with the addition of sriracha sprinkles!
Grilled cheese and tomato soup on the camp kitchen
Jerry doesn't shy away from pre-prepared components if it's delicious and gets dinner on the table quickly. Here, Heather is helping get grilled cheese sandwiches assembled for a crowd. To serve the classic pairing of tomato soup, they've opted for Tetra Paks of soup (again from TJs). These are great for camping because they don't need to stay cold before you open them and you don't need to worry if you can't find your can opener. But then look at the cheese going into those sandwiches! I think I count three different varieties. Delish!

Sukiyaki ingredients ready to cookSukiyaki cooked on the camp kitchen
This last dish is a bit more complex in terms of numbers of ingredients, but still all comes together with the two cooktop burners. This Sukiyaki style soup was made with shabu shabu pork belly, mixed oden (Japanese fish cakes), and Napa cabbage in a Japanese soup base. The end result looks amazing!  

If you'd like to eat some of Chef Jerry's delicious food, you can find his Made in Taiwan food truck around the great Seattle area by following his website.


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