Be Adventurous with Thunderbolt Adventure Supply

Be Adventurous with Thunderbolt Adventure Supply
Hello Fellow Adventurers!

We're very excited to start seeing our Camp Kitchen being used and enjoyed by our customers. Christian and Steph, a couple of our early enthusiasts, were able to take some amazing photos of their camping adventure last weekend and we thought you might like to see them too!

Steph scooping avocados as she prepares dinner on the Camp Kitchen

They pulled out all the stops and prepared a feast. Just look at that fantastic meal in the making. Their Thunderbolt Adventure  Kitchen, with its large countertop, has room plenty of room to spread out all the ingredients as well as a bottle of wine for the chef. I know whose campsite I'm crashing next time they head out!

Steph steps up to the counter to prepare dinner at the Thunderbolt Adventure Supply Camp Kitchen

One of the questions we get asked a bunch is the height of the work service once the kitchen is pulled out and opened up. You can see it sits at a pretty comfortable height here for Steph, just as we planned. Depending on the terrain in your campsite, you should be able to set up your Adventure Kitchen at a comfortable 34" to 36" high, just about right for counter height!

Thunderbolt Camp Kitchen with ingredients for dinner laid out.

The duel burner induction cooktop is powered by the 15 Amp (120 volts) outlet in the gear tunnel. The beauty of induction is that compared to old-fashioned stoves, it takes much less energy to get the pan very hot. As a result, you can easily sear steaks and veggies alike with delicious results. 



Being relatively new to Northern California, Christian and Steph were frustrated at how difficult it can be to score a weekend campsite without planning months in advance. More primitive Forest Service and BLM campsites are a great option, but they sometimes make for a long drive. Another option we've just started using is Hipcamp. We had a great time at a ranch near Fallon where you can purchase the meat and eggs raised on the land where you're sleeping. Christian and Stephanie found this site on Hipcamp too. It's in the foothills near lots of wineries but still feels secluded.

Eventually, Christian put down the camera and gave Steph a hand with dinner. After all, cooking outdoors is less a chore and more of a pleasure. Especially when this is your view. Where will you adventure? What will you cook? We can't wait to find out!