Adventures in Movie Making

Adventures in Movie Making

When it came time to create a video install guide for the Adventure Kitchen for the R1S, we had a little problem... we don't have an R1S. Luckily, our customers Josh and Kenny agreed to lend us a hand. They generously recorded themselves installing their Adventure Kitchen into their R1S. Then it was just up to us to edit their recording with a talk track describing the installation steps. So a long last, we have a video available! You can watch it here:


The Thunderbolt Adventure Kitchen is the perfect companion for your camping and tailgating experience. Imagine hot cocoa in the parking lot of the ski resort, or rolling out of bed to fresh brewed coffee without fumbling with fuel canisters and open flames. 

A few of the features for this product:
- Fits snugly behind the third row so you you don't loose any seats.
- Utilizes the channels in the floor of the R1S to secure the kitchen in place.
- Super sturdy construction can support the weight of heavy items such as a plug-in-cooler while you're driving over rough terrain.
- Top of the unit features T-track to allow for securing items to the top.
- Super efficient induction cooktop sips power and you never have to worry about the wind blowing out your cook flame.
- The whole unit tips up with the aid of gas shocks preserving the storage in the spare tire well.
- Not featured in this video is the optional sleeping platform that levels the entire area behind your front seats with the top of the kitchen for maximum sleeping area.

I'm no TikTok star but we'll try to make more video content so you can see our products in action. What do you want to see next? Drop us an email and let us know!

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