A Kitchen for Every Rivian

A Kitchen for Every Rivian

Before we even finalized the design for the Rivian R1T Camp Kitchen, folks started asking us for a version for their R1S. But we have a pickup, not an S. And without an S to use as a model, designing the thing was a little tricky.

We heard from lots of you that you wanted a kitchen that would fit behind the third row of seating. We also heard from some folks that were hoping to skip the tent and sleep in the back of their R1S. It was a challenging design problem, but difficult problems require the most creativity and that can be fun!

Luckily we've met some great folks through the Bay Area Rivian Club and a few of them have the R1S. The rear cargo are is a weird shape, so it took a bit to get all of the measurements just right. But Matthew jumped into the challenge and came up with a design that maximizes the use of the space, leverages the use of the outlet for the induction cooktop and preserves access to the spare tire well.

Next came the sleeping platform. We wanted a system that was easy to store when not in use. These perforated slats lighten the weight making them easier to move around. The strapping allows for multiple folding patterns and the structure under the slats can is small enough to store in the spare wheel well.

After a couple of prototypes, we were ready to let our tester take the kitchen out into the wild and try it out camping. He loaded up his R1S, strapped a portable refrigerator to the top of the kitchen and headed to the woods with about 50 of his closest Rivian Club buddies - including us! We had a great weekend, off-roading, camping, and cooking and eating delicious food. There were even some songs around the campfire.

And now, you too can purchase a Thunderbolt Adventure Supply Camp Kitchen for your Rivian R1S. We're accepting orders with deliveries starting October 20th so you can have your Thunderbolt Camp Kitchen in time for making hot drinks at the ski slope or snacks at your tailgate party! 



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