Happy Solstice

Happy Solstice

The Winter Solstice was yesterday, and between the dark evenings and the recent rains, we've been spending more time in our cozy home instead of out adventuring in our Rivian.

But, plenty of people seem to have Rivian camping adventures planned during the holidays. We received an unexpected rush of orders over the last couple of weeks. And the big Elf put in some overtime in the workshop getting an R1S kitchen ready for a couple who will be spending Christmas in Yosemite. What a fantastic place to celebrate!

In addition to starting a new business this year, we also got a new puppy. She's been working very hard at not toppling our slightly Seussian tree that is dripping with ornaments -- some of which originally hung on our grandparents' trees. For the Christmas meals, we'll be enjoying homemade cinnamon rolls and Matthew's favorite dish of ham, spatzle, and braised cabbage. If you make the spatzle ahead, you could easily prepare this treat while camping. We'll have to give it a try this spring when we're back at it.

Puppy and Christmas tree

We'll be taking some time off over the holidays and when we get back we'll have some exciting updates to share with all of you! 

For now, we hope the returning light is a beacon to you and yours as we move into the New Year.