Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung


It's Spring! And in addition to critters awakening for the season, new growth, and wild flowers, that means mountain bike race season. True story, we originally configured our R1T with a camp kitchen with the idea that we would use it to cook meals at races. A different family is in charge of meals now, but we get a lot of use out of our Thunderbolt Adventure Supply Camp Kitchen when we camp out the night before races.

I'm enjoying watching new leaves unfurl themselves on the neighborhood trees. The hills around the bay area are sprinkled with wild flowers and more are revealing themselves every day. While hanging out at the start line for our kid's high school mountain bike race, I spotted a little frog in the grass. Another reminder of the world waking up from the cold winter.

We love seeing what our customers are up to and Kenny and Josh in Arizona get out a lot! They posted a video of themselves making jiffy pop on the R1S Adventure Kitchen in their garage, but here's another shot of them making dinner. This time, it looks lie they're a bit further from home.

screen shot from instagram of Adventure Kitchen

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