Guest Column - Epic Adventures with Thunderbolt: Rivian Camp Kitchen Chronicles

Guest Column - Epic Adventures with Thunderbolt: Rivian Camp Kitchen Chronicles

By Arron Apperson
Arron is the President of Rivian Clubs of America and one of the founding members of the Bay Area Rivian Club.

Embarking on the 2023 Gary’s Jamboree, where the Sierra Nevada Rivian Club and the Bay Area Rivian Club joined forces for a 3-day camping and off-roading extravaganza in the enchanting Tahoe National Forest, proved to be an unforgettable experience. At the heart of this adventure was the Thunderbolt Adventure Supply Camp Kitchen, a true game-changer for my Rivian journey.

Each morning and evening, this culinary marvel became the focal point of our campsite, uniting families and fellow off-road enthusiasts. From brewing morning coffee to sizzling elk sausages, the Camp Kitchen effortlessly catered to our diverse culinary needs. Its communal nature saw it being embraced by several others, turning meal preparations into a shared experience under the towering pines.

A pop up tent shelters folks from the rain as they cook on a Thunderbolt Adventure Supply Camp Kitchen

What set the Thunderbolt Camp Kitchen apart was its seamless integration with my
Rivian. Charging up to 90% in Truckee allowed me to power through two days of exploration before returning to the Sacramento Rivian Adventure Network with 30% State of Charge (SoC) left. This combination of electric mobility and culinary convenience added a new dimension to our outdoor escapade.

Beyond the Jamboree, the Camp Kitchen became a staple for football tailgate parties. It worked its magic, grilling hamburgers and hotdogs to perfection, earning the admiration of hungry fans. The thoughtfully designed storage bags proved invaluable, neatly organizing all the camping and tailgating essentials. The sink and induction cooktop, easy to clean and efficient, transformed any location into a gourmet kitchen.

Thunderbolt Camp Kitchen and red Rivian R1T

Even in the hustle and bustle of my daily life as a high school teacher, the Thunderbolt Camp Kitchen found its place. Cooking lunch on school grounds became a breeze, sparking conversations with curious onlookers intrigued
by this portable kitchen marvel.

What I love most about the Camp Kitchen is its ability to seamlessly blend into my Rivian's Gear Tunnel. When not in use, the drawer and slide-out features effortlessly transitioned to storing and accessing groceries and travel bags. It's not just a kitchen; it's an organizational genius on wheels.

Tri-Tip Steak cooking on the Thunderbolt Adventure Supply Camp Kitchen

In every adventure, the Thunderbolt Adventure Supply Camp Kitchen has proven to be the unsung hero, enhancing not just the flavors of our meals but the overall joy of our Rivian journey. Its adaptability and reliability have made it an indispensable companion, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Here's to more adventures and the delicious stories yet to be cooked up with Thunderbolt at the helm.


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